Drivworld parking heater is a brand of the Drivworld Group which locates in London and has a registered capital of 8 millon pounds. With the Britain's tech and taking the chance of China's grooming manufacture industry, the Group makes its investments and builds its factories in China, with a result of providing the convenient and excellent market servive as well as the low consuming cost for customers. At present, the company mainly sells parking heaters and is developing a series of products like car-carrying refrigerator. and defroster.


   The Group is now involving four fundamental industries, this is, parking heater and accessories, high pressure piston pump, stainless steel metal materials and metal mesh, all of which rank in the forefront of their peers in the aspect of tech. The company can offer low cost and excellect service to its customers with the quality guaranteed and cost lowered by its holding plants bulit in China. And the company is expanding the market right now, so we hope to set business cooperation with some more powerful companies.