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2kw air parking heater with Rotary controller-same to webasto heater-YZHY series Vehicle Heaters and Marine Heaters

This heating system uses the gas or diesel as the fuel,after heat the exchanger,

the hot air through the air blower,arrives to the compartment ,storehouse 

equipment,therefore, achieve the purpose that heats and removes the frist to them.

  • Introduction

The main equipment of Model 2KW air parking heater (hereinafter referred to as the heater) 

is a small fuel furnace controlled by a single-chip micro- processor. Its furnace body 

(the heat exchanger) is located in the hood-shape case, which serves as independent 

air passage. Cold air is sucked into the air passage by the heat supplying fan and blown

 out when it becomes hot, so as to form another heating system that is independent to

 the original heating system of the vehicles. In such a way,heat can be supplied by the 

heater to driver’s cab and passengers’ compartment no matter the engine is 

working or not working.

The schematic diagram is shown in Fig. 1.

1-Control switch   2- Heater

3- Fuel pump         4- Reducing T

The heater is fully automatically controlled. It features in compact structure, 

easy installation, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability, 

easy maintenance, etc. 

  • Scope of Application

The heater can be applied for heating the cab of the freight vehicles,vans,storage battery 

cars and all kinds of other vehicle.


  • Product Advantages


1. Pleasant sound operation make your drive comfortable.
2. Excellent independent stepless heating capability.
3. Perfect and easy control set.
4. Compact dimensions can be installed on any vehicles .
5. Diagnosis function reduces the maintenance time.

  • There are four methods to starting heater:

1.Remote control

2.Rotary controller

3.GSM mobile phone controller

4.Digital control


  • Main Technical Specifications

Please refer to Table 1 for main technical specifications. 

                 Table 1 

Heat Power (W)





Rated Voltage



Fuel Consumption



Rated Power Consumption (W)


Working (Environment) Temperature


Working height above sea level


Weight of Main Heater (kg)


Dimensions (mm)

Length323±2 width 120±1 height121±1

Mobile phone control(


No limitation(GSM network coverage)

Remote control(Optional)

Without obstacles≤800m

  • Precautions

1 After the heater is installed, in order to remove air trapped in the fuel supply system 

thoroughly and fill the fuel route with fuel only we Specially designed for oil pump

 function alone:In the Ventilation mode, short connection external temperature sensor

 3 times continuously,then the fuel pump (4hz) stop pump fuel after the fourth time.

Only effective when each power on.

2 Trial operation is necessary for the heater before it is put into normal use. 

At trial operation, you have to check leakage from all connections and all safety issues. 

If discharge of dense smoke is observed or irregular combustion noise or fuel smell

 is sensed, the heater must be turned off. Please take out the fuse, making the heater

 unable to operate. The heater can only be put into use after it is tested by qualified 


3 Before each heating season, check shall be performed by qualified professionals

 for maintenance works, details as follows:

(a)Check air inlet and air outlet to find any pollution or foreign matters.

(b) Clean the external of the heater.

(c)Check if there is any corrosion or loose connection for electric contacts.

(d)Check to find any clogging and damage to the air inlet pipe and exhaust pipe.

(e)Check to find any leakage on the fuel pipe.

4 If the heater will not work for a long time, you’d better run it once every four weeks 

and let it run for 10 minutes at least to prevent malfunction of mechanical parts.

5 The air inlet port and air outlet vent of the heater must be kept clean and unblocked 

to provide smooth route for air flow, so as to prevent overheating.

6 If fuel is replaced with low-temperature fuel, run the heater for at least 15 minutes

 to fill new fuel into the fuel pipe and fuel pump.

7 When fill fuel for the heater, you have to turn off the power first. To do this, 

just turn the control switch anticlockwise to position “0”.

8 The heat exchanger of the heater can not work for longer than 10 years.

When it has worked for ten years, it must be replaced with a qualified one. 

The replace work must be performed by the heater manufacturer or its authorized agent. 

At this time, the overheating sensor shall be replaced too.

9 The exhaust pipe of the heater for discharge of waste gas after combustion,

 if arranged in an area with passengers, shall be replaced with qualified one

 when it has worked for 10 years.

10 If electric welding is performed to the vehicle, please detach the positive

 wire of power supply of the heater from the battery and connect it to earth 

to protect the controller from any damage.

11 The ambient temperature shall be in the range of -40℃~85℃ for transport and 

storage of the heater to avoid any damage to its electronic elements and components.

12 Only authorized customer service stations are allowed to provide repair and

 installation for the heater. It is prohibited to make repair by yourself or use 

non-manufacturer’s parts or components so as to avoid danger.

13 The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for any damage to the heater

 if the heater is opened without authorization or such damage is caused due to

 installation or operation with violation against the regulations.


  • Frequently Asked Question:

Q1: Why choose US?

A: We are professional manufacture of  parking heaters for over 6 years. Top qualified 

products help all retailers and wholesalers win great reptation at local market. 

Choose us, you will receive good product with suitable price and 24*365’s service.

Q2: How long is the warranty?

A: We offer 12 months warranty. Failure rate within 12 months of our heaters is lower

 than 3%. If you find the broken parts during the warranty, 

we will ship new parts to you free.

Any technical question will be solved within 24 hours.

Q3: What is your difference with other supplier?

A: We are leader supplier in China. We offer over 18 kinds of air heaters and water heaters, 

are available to all kinds of vehicles, like cars, campers, Off-road heavy trucks, RVs, Boats, etc.

Q4: When it operate is it require car engine operating?

A: The heater intake cold air and release hot air. Using diesel or gasoline fuel as fuel to heat, 

could work independently with the car’s engine.

Q5: What is the deal terms?

A: Could deal by EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU,for payment,you could pay by TT,LC 

or pay on Shop by Paypal directly.

Q6: How long is the delivery time?

A: We promise to ship the package within 2working days after receive the payment. 

Deliver time by Air shipping is regularly 3-7 days(remote areas maybe longer).

If you order over 50 sets, we also support ship

 by sea to reduce the freight further,the time will depend on your address.


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2kw air heater

Affordable 2kw air parking heater with Rotary controller-similar to Eberspacher heater-BTWT series-Vehicle Heaters and Marine Heaters
2kw 12V Gasoline air parking heater with Rotary controller--FJH-2/1Q


  • VVKB Parking heater Apollo-V2 unboxing video: https://youtu.be/64iscdic23E. 
    VVKB Parking heater Apollo-V2 360 degree display:https://youtu.be/1QYJiLwLEYk. 
    We are a manufacture of engine heater ,diesel heater and air parking heater for more over 20 years. 
    High quality and flawless products is our ultimate pursuit. 
    All process of air parking heater is comply with German Standard. 
    The air heater is an ideal solution for interior cab heat or cargo area heat. 
    It's compact design makes installation in the interior or the outside of the vehicle quick and easy. 
    The air parking heater operates quietly and quickly warms the air inside the vehicle's cab or cargo area and constantly maintains the desired temperature. The air parking heater can be switched from recirculating the air inside of the vehicle, or draw in fresh air.
    Application: The heater can be applied for heating the cab of the freight vehicles, vans, storage battery cars and all kinds of other vehicles. 
    1. can be used in the cold season or icy weather; 
    2. can preheat the coolant of the engine to avoid wear and tear of engine that started at low temperature; 
    3. can eliminate the window frost; 
    4. environmentally product, low emissions, low fuel consumption; 
    5. compact structure, easy to install; 
    6. can dismantle to a new car when replace vehicle. 

  • LCD switch with remote control