Treatment of Usual Troubles

Circuit troubles may be caused by different reasons, such as corrosion of connectors, poor contact of connectors, wrong connection of wires, corrosion of wires or fuse, corrosion and looseness of battery poles, etc. Users need to check and prevent such troubles and offer good maintenance.

The reasons for the troubles to the heater can be indicated by the green LED on the control switch.In trouble status, indicator light will flash circularly,each circulation include 2 seconds extinguishing  and a few 0.5 seconds times of slow flashes appear alternately.During the period between two long extinguishing, the times of slow flashes represent the types of troubles.

During use, the heater may become unable to start normally or die out after start. Such troubles may lead to locking state. In such case,you can press the button which is lighting on then work indicator goes out. Turn off the heater and keep it in such state for at least 5 seconds. Then restart the heater.

When the following troubles occur, users can take measures to solve:

Failure to turn on the heater and the indicator light is not illuminating, the reason is open circuit of fuse or wrong connection of wires.

The heater runs idly and no start process occurs after the heater is powered on, this indicates that the temperature of air inlet (or the ambient temperature around the external temperature sensor) is higher than the set heating temperature, or called hot start. In such case, you need to turn the control switch knob clockwise to have a higher set temperature.

When the LED flashes once, troubleshooting can be solved by the methods list in table 6.

Table 6

Times of flashes of LED

Troubleshooting methods


a Check whether the fuel pipe is blocked or whether the fuel in the tank is sufficient. 

b Check whether the exhaust pipe is blocked.

c Check whether fuel mass is appropriate.


a Ditto  b Ditto  c Ditto  d Replace the fuel pump


a Abnormal voltage,if the voltage is very low, then battery should be charged.


a Use ventilation mode cooling if temperature overhigh.

b Or replace controller.


a Replace controller


a Check whether fuel pump lead connection is reliable.

b Replace fuel pump.c Replace controller.


a Check whether the fan wheel have any scrape.

b Replace fan motor assembly.c Replace controller.


a Clean the carbon deposition of glow plug.

b Replace glow plug.c Replace controller.


a Whether air inlet and outlet are blocked.

b Whether junction box cover tightly.

c Whether inlet air and exhaust air short circuit.


a Check overheat sensor (normal temperature resistance is about 1kΩ).

b Replace overheat sensor.


a Check control switch connection.

b Replace control switch.


a Need to clean up the carbon deposition and maintenance work.


After the heater is installed, in order to remove air trapped in the fuel supply system thoroughly and fill the fuel route with fuel only we Specially designed for oil pump function alone:In the Ventilation mode, short connection external temperature sensor 2 times continuously,then the fuel pump (4hz) stop pump fuel after the third time.Only effective when each power on.

Trial operation is necessary for the heater before it is put into normal use. At trial operation, you have to check leakage from all connections and all safety issues. If discharge of dense smoke is observed or irregular combustion noise or fuel smell is sensed, the heater must be turned off. Please take out the fuse, making the heater unable to operate. The heater can only be put into use after it is tested by qualified professionals.

Some smell maybe occurs in the first time using heater within a short time which is a common phenomenon and does not mean heater not working properly.

Seasonal maintenance

Before each heating season, check shall be performed by qualified professionals for maintenance works, details as follows:

Check air inlet and air outlet to find any pollution or foreign matters.

Clean the external of the heater.

Check if there is any corrosion or loose connection for electric contacts.

Check to find any clogging and damage to the air inlet pipe and exhaust pipe.

Check to find any leakage on the fuel pipe.

Not working for a long time

If the heater will not work for a long time, youd better run it once every four weeks and let it run for 10 minutes at least to prevent malfunction of mechanical parts.

The air inlet port and air outlet vent of the heater must be kept clean and unblocked to provide smooth route for air flow, so as to prevent overheating.

If fuel is replaced with low-temperature fuel, run the heater for at least 15 minutes to fill new fuel into the fuel pipe and fuel pump.

Service life

The heat exchanger of the heater can not work for longer than 10 years. When it has worked for ten years, it must be replaced with a qualified one. The replace work must be performed by the heater manufacturer or its authorized agent. At this time, the overheating sensor shall be replaced too.

The exhaust pipe of the heater for discharge of waste gas after combustion, if arranged in an area with passengers, shall be replaced with qualified one when it has worked for 10 years.

Others need attention

The ambient temperature shall be in the range of -40℃~85℃ for transport and storage of the heater to avoid any damage to its

Only authorized customer service stations are allowed to provide repair and installation for the heater. It is prohibited to make repair by yourself or use non-manufacturers parts or components so as to avoid danger.

The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for any damage to the heater if the heater is opened without authorization or such damage is caused due to installation or operation with violation against the regulations.

When fill fuel for the heater, you have to turn off the power first. To do this, just turn the control switch anticlockwise to position 0

If electric welding is performed to the vehicle, please detach the positive wire of power supply of the heater from the battery and connect it to earth to protect the controller from any damage.



Fuel supply Installation



Treatment of Usual Troubles

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